Job Description

Royal Oak Court

Job Profile

Responsible To: Chief Executive Officer

Primary Purpose: To strategically lead and direct provision of high quality Development and associated services for the Group and all its members.

Key Responsibilities

  1. Functional responsibilities
  2. Leadership responsibilities
  3. Corporate responsibilities

1. Functional Responsibilities

1.1 Develop and implement a development strategy to meet growth objectives set out in the business plan. 

1.2 Produce an on-going pipeline of new developments of all tenures to achieve growth objectives of the Group. 

1.3 Make bids to the Homes and Communities Agency (HCA) and other bodies to maximise funding for new affordable housing within overall financial constraints.

1.4 Appraise scheme viability within defined parameters to manage the impact of new development and report on outturns against assumptions in the development appraisal framework.

1.5 Make arrangements for the delivery, monitoring and reporting of performance against targets for scheme completions, start on sites and cash take-up, taking corrective action as necessary to address divergence from targets.

1.6 Develop new and innovative methods of development and funding across all tenures including shared ownership, market sales and mixed tenure developments.

1.7 Provide monitoring information to the Development Monitoring Group on all relevant aspects of development performance and its impact on the organisation.

1.8 Develop development policies for the Group, reviewing them as necessary in light of political, economic, legal and good practice changes.

1.9 Develop and implement a robust, accountable and transparent approach to development procurement that meets legal, regulatory and good practice requirements. 

1.10 Meet the requirements of lead investment partner and manage the development consortium with a view to positioning the Group as development partner of choice.

1.11 Provide effective sales and marketing services for the Group and other organisations, including other housing associations and builders.

2. Leadership Responsibilities

2.1 Promote the values, mission and objectives of the Group with stakeholders to enhance the organisation’s reputation as partner, service provider and employer of choice. 

2.2 Lead and motivate the organisation’s diverse employees, consulting them as necessary, and investing in their learning and development to achieve high quality performance.

2.3 Develop and implement organisational structures that lead to the efficient allocation of resources and empower staff to deliver high quality outcomes.

2.4 Develop and apply robust control systems, within a strong performance environment, to achieve high quality performance and manage risks effectively. 

2.5 Be accountable to boards and committees within the Group by presenting appropriate information effectively. 

3. Corporate Responsibilities

3.1 To be a member of the Executive Management Team (EMT) and contribute effectively to decisions that impact on the strategic development of the Group. 

3.2 Participate in Group-wide initiatives and forums, taking a lead on specific projects designed to achieve consistency and high quality outcomes across the Group.

3.3 Negotiate and monitor appropriate standards for services provided for and by customers within the Group. 

3.4 To carry out other duties and responsibilities as directed by the Chief Executive Officer.

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